Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Shopping Miracle

I have finally made the transition to actual captions!!! I don't know why it's taken me this long to do this but I'm so glad that I am!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Making a Few Changes (Final )

It has been about a week since I found out that Mark had some weird app on his phone that could change reality. Ever since then I took it, turned him into my new BFF Maggie, deleted it off her phone, and transferred it to mine. I can't risk Maggie finding out that she used to be a guy, although at this point I doubt she would care. This app has been a blessing for me. I've been using it to satisfy all my needs recently, like changing my clothes, my house, and other things to benefit me as well. One day I was walking around in my house wearing the cutest pink outfit when my dad came up to me.
"Young lady, what have I told you about wearing something like that around the house. Also, you've been on your phone the entire day! You need to learn some self control so I'm grounding you."
This made me mad (rightfully so), so I decided to make a few changes.
"You know what dad you're right, I do need to learn a little self control. However, maybe not now. Now, i'm gonna make you a little more tolerable."
I opened the device and entered a couple of information and hit accept. All of a sudden a young girl stood where my dad was.
"There we go! I've always wanted a little sister." I said
"What the hell did you do to me Ashley?!" my former dad yelled
"Oopsie. I might have forgotten to click the adjust to reality feature"
"What are you ta..."
"And there we go!" I said as I clicked the button. As I did, my "dad's" face went blank, and then she started to speak.
"Hey Ashley, I heard that Maggie was coming over to hang out, do you mind if I hang out with you and her?"
"Sure Annie! You know I always like to hang out with you. That reminds me, I've got the newest edition of teen monthly for you. I read ahead, and there's a section of the hottest guys right now."
"Ashley you're the best big sister in the world!" she screamed as she hugged me. Maggie eventually arrived and then we engaged with our normal "girl talk".
While we were hanging out my stupid brother came in and asked to use the living room to watch tv.
"C'mon Ashley, you, Annie, and Maggie have been hogging the room all day, I want to use it now." He said. I thought about it and then decided what I should do
"You know Robert, if you want more control of where you wanna be, you really need to be older." I said as I made some adjustments to the app as I hit adjust to reality and accept. Then where my brother stood was an adult woman, and not just any woman, it was Rebecca Sharpe, my new mother.
"Girls you will never believe who I met today at work! He is the cutest guy ever and he asked me out today! We are getting lunch this Friday at noon!"
"Way to go Mom!" Annie said with excitement
"Yea Mom you deserve a guy in your life." I said.
 "Thank you so much sweetie! All right girls, I'm gonna go to the mall and shop for a new outfit for my date this weekend, have a good rest of the day!"
As she left the house I couldn't help but smile, my life was finally perfect.

Blog Update (Busy Lately)

Sorry for the lack of content lately. My life has been incredibly busy recently so I haven't been able to write any new stories lately or make any new requests. So sorry if I have been totally ignoring you as of late. I can't promise that I'll be posting regularly in the future, as well as requests, but I'm gonna try my best to. Anyways, thank you all for being patient and for reading and responding to my content, it really means a lot to me! This blog is not dead yet, I will still be posting, just pretty irregularly. I love you all and thank you!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Joining Greek Life

Sorry for the absence! I've had a lot of stuff going on in my life right now so I haven't been able to cap as frequently. I'm going to try to cap more often so thank you for being patient!!! :)


When I had first arrived at my university, I was ecstatic. I had been waiting to graduate high school and finally start living the college life. The first thing I wanted to do was join greek life. However, I would not be joining a fraternity, but rather a sorority. There aren't many places like this, but there is a certain sorority that is run by girls that take in boys who want to become girls and be a part of their sorority. I heard it has something to do with some pills the new pledges take. Anyways, I had signed up to be apart of their sorority and I was beyond excited. They told us to dress nicely, so I wore my nice orange button down and purple time (thinking that this is gonna be my last time wearing one). I had met a couple other dudes rushing as well and we quickly became friends. After a while of mingling in the living room of the sorority house, the main girls came out with a bowl filled with purple pills and told us that this was the point of no return. After we ate this pill, we would all be girls for life and part of the sorority. Some people hesitated, but in the end we all took the pill. It took a couple of minutes to work but then we all started to change. My blonde hair got longer and when I looked down I saw two breasts grow on my chest, causing my buttons to pop open. I also felt me hips widen and my hands and feet grow more dainty as the changes kept occurring. Finally, I felt my penis get sucked back into my body as a vagina formed to replace it. After the transformation was done I looked around at my new sisters when delight. The head girls told us to get together and take a picture. We all looked pretty silly wearing our boy clothes, but there was a fix for that.
The girls showed us to our rooms wear there was an outfit waiting for us. A nice spaghetti strap blouse and a pair of short denim shorts were waiting for me. When I put them on I felt so pretty and full of joy I actually stared giggling. Then a girl came in the room and introduced herself as Macy and told me that she was my new Big and that I was her Little. She asked me what my name was, and since I couldn't use my boy name anymore, I quickly went with the first name that popped into my head. Megan. We quickly hugged and then took a photo together. I can't wait to see what my future in this sorority has in store for me.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Join the Movement

I was browsing the internet one night just watching some of my favorite Youtube videos. As I started to go from video to video I started to see a lot of  Anita Sarkeesian videos on her channel Feminist Frequency. God how I hated that woman and everything that she stood for. She was so annoying and her videos were absolutely terrible. I don't understand why she had to make them, women were doing fine especially in this day and age. I started to post some pretty vulgar comments saying that she should just stop making videos and wasting everybody's time. After about an hour of trolling, I received a private message through Youtube from Anita, asking me if I would like to Skype in and have a mature discussion about the topic. I was very interested in this, since I could finally give her what she deserved. I accepted, and then in about 5 min I received a video call from Anita. 
"Hello Emmett" Anita greeted me
"What's up bitch" I replied
"That's not a very nice thing to say. I invited you here to have a civilized conversation on the issue of women's rights, and this is how you start things off?"
I was surprised by her response, and pretty impressed on how she took my vulgar attitude. "I'm sorry" I said. 
"It's alright, I'm used to it. So let's get to it. What is your deal with the whole women's rights movement?" Anita asked
"Well, I just think it's a giant waste of time. Women basically have the same rights as men now so there shouldn't be any more to fight for. Plus it's super annoying." I said confidently
"Women don't have the same rights. For example, we still make only 77 cents to every dollar that a man makes. Do you still think that's fair."
She made a very good point, the gender pay gap is still pretty large, and something should be done about that, but I didn't want to admit it. I just brushed my hair out of my face and continued to criticize. 
"Well what about all the Feminist Frequency videos you make about women in video games, I think that's a load of baloney just to get people to click your videos. 'Tropes vs. Women in Video Games?', give me a break!" I said as I crossed my legs.
"Well, if you actually watched those videos you would see my points in that women have been portrayed as damsels in distress, wearing skimpy clothing whilst in battle, or just being around to create sexual tension. Tell me, if you were in a video game, would you like to be in that role?" Anita asked me
Honestly, I really didn't. I felt like that if I was portrayed as a damsel or some type of sex object, I would really hate that. In fact, why were women always portrayed like that. The thought of somebody like me being a damsel was a real turnoff, and I can't picture myself being oogled at by some man whilst dressed up as a sex toy when I was about to fight. Just them looking at my boobs and ass sent shivers down my spine. Ugh that is so disgusting.
"That's a great point Anita! Why haven't I thought of that?"
" I told you!" Anita exclaimed "I'll tell you what, we are have a women's march next week, and you should partake in it."
"Really? I don't think I would fit in very well."
"Oh Emmi, I think you would fit in just fine." Anita replied
She was right.
"You're right Anita. I should go to this march and make some change. Us women have been oppressed for far to long and change needs to be made!" 
"Great! I can't wait to see you there. It was so nice to meet you! Anita said
"You too!" Wow, Anita was such a nice woman, so caring and smart. More people need to have one on ones with her. When the march finally came around, I put on my red scarf and marched around with all of my sisters to help end oppression against women. The future is female, and the future is now. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Making a Few Changes (Part 2)

Tonight was I night I have been looking forward. Mark was taking me to a hot new club and we were gonna get drunk and have an amazing time. We have been dating for a couple of months now and I'm pretty sure that he is the one. He is super hot and treats me like a queen I love it so much. Tonight, I was planning on wearing my super sexy green dress that I knew Mark would love. I shows off by boobs and my ass so well. When we got to the club we started off with a couple of shots and started dancing. After about a half hour of dancing we took a seat to rest and have a couple of more drinks. While we were resting I pulled out my phone and took some selfies of me which I immediately posted on Instagram and of course, hundreds of likes and comments saying how pretty I was. It's a shame I have no girlfriends to hang out with. To go shopping and to the beach and to have girls night's out with. Having Mark is great but sometimes I want some female company too. Then I found an app that I had never seen on my phone, the "Master PC" app. How long have I had this? I opened it up and upon reading the instructions I learned that I could alter reality. This was a perfect time to finally get the girlfriends that I want. I did want to test it out first though, and who better than on Mark. I'll change him back later but I was just curious to see if it actually works. Let's see, blond hair, super sexy, blue dress, and adapt to reality. Name? Let's go with Maggie. As soon as I hit apply Mark was instantly replaced with a super sexy girl in a blue dress similar to mine. I noticed her legs were crossed just as mine were and that she was also taking selfies.
"Maggie?" I asked
"Yea what's up Ashley"
"I was thinking if you wanted to go to the mall tomorrow and buy some new clothes?"
"I would love that! I could use another set of heels and a new dress. I've worn this one so many times already". Maggie replied
"Cool" I replied. I might keep Maggie around for a while longer, just to see what it's like to have a BFF. "Alright Mags, let's hit the dance floor!" I yelled as she cheered back and we went to shake our little asses.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Change Your Life (Request for tgcaps97)

This was requested by tgcaps97, I hope you all enjoy it!

It was the middle of the school day and I was in History class. We were learning about how Christopher Columbus discovered America. Our teacher Mr. Michaels was lecturing us for about 30 min now and I was so bored.
"Hey." My friend Brandon leaned over and said "you still down to come to my house afterwards and play video games?"
"Hell yea dude. That might take a while because of this boring lecture." I replied.
I started to go on my phone just to pass some time when I noticed that I got a strange email. It looked like a generic spam email but it only said "Want to change your life? Then click here!!!", which was then followed by a link. Curious, and because I was bored out of my mind, I clicked it. Then, everything went blurry almost as if I just woke up. The lecture was still going on but now there was a woman teaching. I was about to ask Brandon what happened when a girl leaned over to me.
"Man, Mrs. Michaels really likes to talk doesn't she."
"Who are you?" I asked
"Uh, it's me Brenda. Are you ok Emily?"
Emily? My name's Edward. What's going on? Then when I looked down I froze. I was wearing my school uniform, but instead of it being a guys, it was a girls. Complete with a skirt. I got my phone and turned the camera around and saw my reflection, I was a high school girl. As I looked around my class I didn't recognize anybody. Everybody must have swapped genders, that's why Mr. Micahels is now Mrs. Michaels, and that's why Brandon is Brenda and I'm Emily. We were also learning about how Christina Columbus discovered America. Once class ended we all got up and started to leave school. As Brand- sorry Brenda and I started driving away I noticed we weren't going to her house.
"I thought we were going to your house to play video games" I asked
"Video games? Those are for boys. WE are going to the mall to buy some new clothes" Brenda replied.
I just got turned into a girl and the first thing I do is go shopping? Typical. As we were driving I wondered what else changed, was it just the school or was it the whole world. As soon as I went on Facebook my question was answered. The entire world has changed. Everybody's gender was swapped but for some reason, I was the only person to remember.
"What are we listening to?" I asked
"Are you joking Em? This is Kendra Lamar's newest single!"
"Kendra Lamar?"
"Yea! She's the hottest rapper out there now and all of her songs are sooo good! Just you wait, I've got some Justine Bieber, Kent Perry, and Taylor Swift coming up." Funny, Taylor Swift kept her name since it's pretty much unisex.
When we got to the mall and started to try some clothes, I was surprised on how much I knew about them. I knew what they were all called, what were the hottest brands, and when we were trying on some heels I was able to walk in them like a pro. It seems like I have all the mannerisms of a modern girl. I actually had a lot of fun trying out clothes and shopping. I even thought that some of them were cute, which I would have never thought of saying that before. Maybe I could actually get used to this new life. With that, I decided to do what any normal girl would do at any given time, take a selfie! I gotta say, I look pretty darn cute, a lot cuter than when I was a boy!